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Was asked to write a three-part series on sustainable textiles by one of my favourite online publications.

DSC_0685 (1)-01 (1).jpeg

"Sourcing sustainable fabrics is no walk in the park. Ask any eco-conscious sewist their thoughts and they’ll weave a tale of confusion, conflicting advice, and enough browser tabs open at a time that it looks like they’re midway through a graduate thesis."

"A sewist walks into a bar (stop me if you’ve heard this one) in a drapey, fluid, dream of a dress. A hush falls over the crowd. The lights dim. The bartender stops polishing glasses for a brief moment. “It’s Tencel," the sewist shrugs, and a contented murmur ripples throughout the crowd. All is well ... "

"We’ve all been there: a fabric store sends out its weekly mailer, and we can’t hit the buy button fast enough. We clear a spot for our impending bundle of joy on our fabric shelf before being toppled by an actual avalanche of chiffons, crepes and cottons."

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