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Work for Canada's quirkiest mobile network.  
ADs: Luke Woodard / Caroline Friesen

Same Coverage as the Big Guys: Fire

Shortlisted & merit'd at the ADCCs and the Marketing awards. Any shoot where you're required by law to have a firefighter on set is fine by moi.

Same Coverage as the Big Guys: Fire Hose

Shortlisted / merit'd at the ADCCs and Marketing awards. Ask me how many extra shirts & pairs of jeans for this guy we needed to bring.

Koodo: Work

Radio: Bandstand

Sassy competitors. Various horns.

Radio: Station Change

Like when your mom changed the station if Eminem came on but a commercial.

Koodo: Work

Same Coverage As the Big Guys: Preroll

I, too, would like The Man to skip my ads for me!

Koodo: Work

Koodo's Random Acts of Happiness

"Koodo spreads holiday cheer to Canadians with a special rendition of The Cure hit, Friday I’m in Love, performed by Choir! Choir! Choir! Breaking into song, 80 talented singers surprised Toronto Christmas Market visitors in the heart of the Distillery District. Inspiring random acts of happiness throughout the holidays, The Cure’s Robert Smith provided song rights in lieu of a donation. Koodo passed it on, donating the song fee to Choir! Choir! Choir! to help in its efforts to sponsor a Syrian refugee family."

Koodo: Video

More print ads, TV spots & installations

Koodo: Text
Koodo: Pro Gallery
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